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An easy ETL tool with a Python-based open source code.
ViXtract is a buildup based on popular free data processing tools, that helps BI analysts to export, clean and transform data by themselves, without the help of ETL developers. The main principles of ViXtract – analysts's operational comfort and unlimited options of growth and development. There are three key components accounting for ViXtract:
Jupyter – an interactive service for working with Python, PETL – an easy-to-learn data transfornation library and Cronicle – a reliable planner with user-friendly interface.
What can one do with ViXtract?
Any file sources and DBMS, as well as API. AmoCRM, Google Analytics, 1С – a huge amount of ready-to-use Python libraries and examples to follow – at your service.
Easily connect to any data source
Clean, combine, enrich your data with simple commands you can perform at a random order or transform into pipelines.
Transform your data online
The arranged data are easy to export into any format любой формат or directly into BI system – having the connector installed.
Export your data into any BI system
Add tasks to the Planner, set the performance bars (цепочки исполнения) and (un)successful performance notifications, track the statistics of server resources.
Automate ETL tasks already created
Why ViXtract?
Based on the experience of the best experts in ETL, BI, DWH and Data Science. Elaborate integration of all components.
The installation is performed by one team, and you will need onlya web browser for further use. HTTPS and user access control are supported out-of-the-box.
Constantly refillable collection of tutorial videos and demo-examples along with the community Telegram chat to get help or advice.
Start learning about ViXtract: you can watch the webinar and attend the tutorials about the system:
It's a fact known to any data analysis expert: the most complicated and time-consuming in this job is the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load). There are plenty of tools to do that, but all of them have their flaws. The mission of ViXtract Community is to make analysts concentrate strictly on data analysis – leaving the routine, technical tasks for an easy and clear tool.

ViXtract was created and developed by a team of experts in ETL, BI, DWH and Data Science – with the support of several business companies.
Today they are:
ViXtract is an open-source prject under the BSD-3-Clause License, it was created to bring profit to the commuity of data managements experts. Every volunteer can make their own contribution to the project:

– Contribute some of your own build-ups of the project. Now the greatest need is in the autotests writing and creating the example base of integrations with other systems. You can make a contribution by opening a Pull request on GitHub.

– Share your feedback: report a bug found or an idea of improvement by opening Issue на GitHub.

– Popularize ViXtract and the Python-based approach to ETL itself. Share the information in the theme communities!

You can reach the maintainers of the project directly with any question or idea – just by filling out this form here:
Any questions or ideas?
You can reach the maintainers of the project directly just by filling out this form here:
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You can register to get access to the public demo server.
You'll be needing a computer on Linux, with a preferably clean Ubuntu 18.04 LTS setup.
We recommend to start working with ViXtract by going through the tutorials about the system, as well as getting to know some demo examples. Both will be available on the demp server right after the completion of the registration process. In the case of local setup one can find them in docs/tutorials and docs/examples folders, respectively.
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